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Landance in Lyme – 2021

Landance in Lyme, two special dance and poetry performances, took place in Lyme Regis in September 2021. These free evening performances moved along the seafront exploring climate change and our relationship with the sea.

The performances were created collaboratively on site by dance artists Kip Johnson & Patricia Langa, youth dance artists Reuben Squirrell, Rory Armstrong & Elfin Bonome, poet Vanessa Kisuule with director and designer Ella Huhne and choreographer Alessandro Marzotto Levy (working remotely from Italy).

Street in the Park (Excerpt)

A project managed by Activate Performing Arts, featuring professional dancers working with Remix and Premix (an inclusive youth performance company open to young people age 12 -19 both disabled and non-disabled from across Dorset) and other non professional dancers.

Filmed at locations across: Dorchester, Bournemouth, Bridport and Weymouth. There’s some amazing footage that demonstrates what can happen when you combine talented dancers with interesting locations.

The film accompanied a live online DJ event in the Summer of 2021

Banksy or Blanksy
an outdoor projection for Activate Performing Arts, May 2019

Recent collaborative work with: Activate Performing Arts, dancers and DJs from Weymouth College, Train Hard Parkour, Remix and Premix (an inclusive youth performance company open to young people age 12 -19 both disabled and non-disabled from across Dorset) resulted in an amazing and original mix of dance, projected film and music.

This moving image sequence features a combination of video shot on-location in Dorchester, green screen and motion graphic sequences. The piece was projected on two screen in Borough Gardens (Dorchester) and accompanied a live performance in May 2019.

Here’s a video excerpt featuring a few moments from the performance that took place in Borough Gardens in Dorchester, May 2019.

Landance 2018

Landance created an evocative duet on Weymouth seafront. The coming together, parting and reunion experienced by young people during WW1, culminating in the Armistice 100 years ago, underpinned the mood of these performances which evolved on the promenade in and around the ornate shelters then descended to the water’s edge.

The piece was created and performed by dance artists Alessandro Marzotto Levy and Imogen Gray, with Charlie Hearnshaw on clarinet and saxophone. Film by Richard Tomlinson.

Landance 2017

Landance created a unique and vibrant promenade performance in central Dorchester in 2017, starting at dusk in the Maumbury Rings, a Neolithic Henge, then leading the audience into a fantastic urban landscape as darkness descended.

Landance collaborated with choreographer Alessandro Marzotto Levy & Patricia Langa from Impermanence, dancers Sophie Colthurst & Daniel Martin, music: Camilla Saunders, talented dance, music, costume and lighting assistants & youth dancers to develop the performance on site. Film by Richard Tomlinson.

Still / Sparkling

Still / Sparkling is a short film produced by: Grace and Growl Dance Company, choreographer Anna Golding and filmmaker Richard Tomlinson. The film was shot and edited during the summer of 2017 and won Silver in the Pavilion Dance South West Joie De Vivre film competition!

Bones, a Dance Through Time

A dance for camera piece shot above ground in and around Banwell, and deep within Banwell Caves.

The film was made with: the communities of Banwell and Hutton in North Somerset, dancers Yvette Settle and Jessamin Landamore, pupils from Banwell Primary School, Hutton Primary School, North Somerset Yeo! Dancers, Churchill Community Foundation School and Sixth Form Centre.

The piece was choreographed by Shelley Withers, with music by James Scriven. The project was directed by Carolyn Savage. Film by Richard Tomlinson.

Fantastical Feats

A project commissioned by Pavilion Dance South West in association with The Summer Reading Challenge. The project involved shooting green screen sequences with dancers who played particular characters in the ‘Fantastical Feats’ computer game, designed to encourage young people to pick up a book and engage with stories.

Time to Move

An excerpt of a promotional film made for Take Art, a Somerset based arts development agency. The ‘Time to Move’ project was designed to encourage older people to engage with dance and creative movement for physical fitness and mental well being.

Up in the Air Festival

This project provided an opportunity for members of Remix and Premix to participate in a dance/film project culminating in a live performance and outdoor projections at the Up in the Air Festival, part of Inside Out Dorset. The Remix is an inclusive youth performance company open to young people age 12 -19 both disabled and non-disabled from across Dorset. Premix is a group set up for younger people and is aimed at 7-11yr olds. The Remix and Premix members include young people with physical and sensory impairments, young people with learning difficulties and non-disabled young people, all with a love of performance and the willingness to stretch themselves and have fun.

This project was commissioned by Activate Performing Arts. 

Alice in Wonderland

An excerpt short film produced in collaboration with South Somerset Home Education Group. The film accompanied a live performance of Alice in Wonderland. The piece was shot on-location at Dillington House in South Somerset.


Landance animates outdoor spaces with engaging and atmospheric live dance performances. Professional artists in dance, music and design develop the performances on site. This film features excerpts of Landance films made at a number of outdoor locations across the South West.

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