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ICONS OF THE SOUTH WEST, a photographic project that reflects, and celebrates, the wide cultural demographic of South West England. Photographs by Richard Tomlinson working with Somerset Film.

Ruritage – a portrait of Wayford Vineyard. Photographs commissioned by Take Art (a Somerset based arts development agency). An EU-funded project. Photographs by Richard Tomlinson.

Portraits of artists working on the ‘Creative Lives Under Lockdown’ project commissioned by SEED Sedgemoor (a Creative People and Places project funded by Arts Council England). Photographs by Richard Tomlinson.

Portraits of workers at the old Royal Ordnance Factory (capturing stories before the factory was demolished). Commissioned by South West Heritage Trust. Photographs by Richard Tomlinson working with Somerset Film.

More work with South West Heritage Trust:

Simple Forms – Inspired by Irving Penn’s street debris series. Objects, otherwise trodden under foot, placed on a lightbox & shot with my macro lens.

Pictures made with an old Bronica, including photographs for the ‘Born on the River’ project commissioned by Take Art

The Cultural Olympiad in Taunton

Disabled Children’s Access to Childcare (photography and layout work)

Anaglyph Photographs (3D pictures viewed through red/blue glasses). Inspired by historical machinery kept in the stores at The Somerset Heritage Centre, for the exhibition New Dimensions. The images (printed as transparencies) were housed within archive boxes which were fitted with anaglyph lenses and illuminated from inside. Visitors to the gallery were invited to peer through the lenses into boxes that contained three dimensional ‘fictitious’ machines.

More work with South West Heritage Trust:

Photographs of fascinating objects found at The Rural Life Museum, commissioned by The South West Heritage Trust.

The Parrett Trail

Photography and Participatory Arts Residency

A project managed by Take Art.

The aim of this one year project was to devise and initiate creative photographic projects with communities residing along the trail of the River Parrett in Somerset. The project provided participants with an opportunity to explore the creative potential of conventional photography and darkroom practice and to create a local exhibition on the theme ‘The Environment Seen through the Eyes of Young People’.

“I learnt loads of new skills – developing photographs and displaying them…me and my mum hope to set up our own darkroom”
16 year old project participant

“Quite simply Richard Tomlinson, has been brilliant. He has proved to be an excellent facilitator and the standard of photography – both in terms of the images produced and the quality of the printing – has been very impressive. He has related exceptionally well with all the groups, all of which have had different and distinct characteristics”.
Ralph Lister, Director Take Art


The New Stone Age on Mendip

This project encouraged young people to engage with their environment through creative activities. To raise awareness of the cultural and wildlife importance of the dry stone walls in the Mendip Hills innovative community arts programmes that interpreted the landscape were devised by Mendip Hills AONB.

Richard Tomlinson’s ‘Working Parts’ project addressed photography, video, spoken word recordings, film, animation and digital imaging. Participants who were involved went beyond creating a ‘record’ of the walls, using the opportunity to create inventive and beautiful artworks. All of the participants went out n location to see, feel, listen to and photograph the walls prior to creating their artworks. Field trips proved inspirational for the participants and the artist.

The digital compositions entitled ‘CONSTRUCT – ENCLOSE’ formed the centrepiece of the ‘Working Parts’ exhibition. These images, reproduced as large scale banners reveal a multitude of textures, colours and shapes and demonstrate the walls as natural habitats for wildlife and their uniqueness to Mendip.

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